Saturday, July 1, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 5

American Gods picked up in this Episode, so will this one?  While it is missing a funny Title, it must be, right?  Right?
Important Moments
- Dougie Cooper goes to 'work' and nobody seems to realize that he's a vacant hotel room of a man.
- We learn that Major Briggs' fingerprints have kept appearing for the last 25 years.  Ernie Hudson!
- 'Bob Cooper' shows off some strange powers in Jail.
- Shelly and the Diner FINALLY appear and Amanda Seyfried plays some lady who keeps borrowing money from her.  We'll see where this goes.  Speaking of which...
- The Doctor is selling Gold Shovels online via his Alex Jones-esque Show.  That's the pay-off?
- Some guy is doing sneaky business in the Bar.  Also sexual assault with no repercussions.
- The Mob Boss in Vegas beats up the Manager, while Jim Belushi is a bad-ass.  Alright.
This is a tricky one.  I guess it has to be...Observation.
- Shelly can't see why she shouldn't help Seyfried.
- Observation of 'Bob Cooper' doesn't go well.
- All the weirdos watch the Doctor's Web-Show, including Nadine!
- Nobody can figure out what is wrong with Dougie.  Help them, Tom Sizemore!
Weirdest/Funniest Moment(s)
- While I feel that the Dougie Cooper stuff will have a short shelf-life, he did make me laugh during this Episode.
Another odd Episode that doesn't quite go anywhere.  David Lynch seems to have shot 18 Hours or so of Footage to make up a Movie.  Subsequently, he cut it into 18 Episodes.  It kind of shows with the random things that focused on and things that don't get focused on.  What about that murder investigation in South Dakota?  What about that guy they were going to call to talk to 'Bob Cooper?'  What about the random appearances that Characters make and the order they appear in?  Why does the Doctor appear three times, while Bobby Briggs appears once?  Why did Shelly just now appear?  With that said, the Show is still interesting, even if it still appears to be meandering.  The stuff with Dougie Cooper is fun, at least for now.  I want this Show to be good and interesting.  Right now, it is kind of both...but not quite enough.  Just like Nadine, I'll keep my eye on it though...
Next time, things need to move forward.  If they don't, I'll...keep watching anyways.  Damn quotas!  See you then...

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