Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quick Reviews: Sharknado- The 4th Awakens

Why couldn't Rifftrax do this one for me?!?  In any event, it is Shark Week and there's another one of these coming out, so...damn me to Hell...
After the 'Cliffhanger' Ending of the last Film, we get...a Parody Title Crawl and lazy Exposition.

Basically, this guy has made Pulse Weapon Towers that somehow instantly stop Tornados.  He also got The 'Hoff off of the Moon, rendering that Plot Point all the more silly.
Naturally, once Finn goes to Vegas (an 18 hour drive in 2 seconds)...a Sharknado happens.  How?

A Sand Storm hits the same Billionaire's Hotel that was full of Sharks.  The hurts!
Cue the same old crap.  'Celebrities' (like Susan Anton, Adrian Zmed and Brian Faustino) show up to die via Shark.

However, more Celebrities show up to just hang around, like Al Roker (since Matt Lauer learned his lesson), David Hasselhoff and...Gary Busey.
To up the ante, we get a series of new Sharknado variations.  I hope you enjoy names like Oilnados, Firenados and Bouldernados.

Yes, Bouldernados.  It is too bad someone already owns Stonados, huh?
If there was any doubt that this Series was just plain stupid, just watch this GIF.
No, I won't explain that one.  At all.

On the plus side, Gilbert Gottfried.  I'll take what I can get.  The End.
Dumb.  Stupid.  Pointless.  All of these are descriptions for this Film that feel appropriate.  I sat in front of my Computer (since I'd rather not announce that I'm watching it while it is happening) and must have flipped off my Screen at least 4x.  It isn't funny.  It isn't dramatic.  It is just dumb.  You 'jumped the Shark' even more than the last time.  Just a reminder- the last one had Sharks in Space!!!  This one also loves to make 'jokes' out of 'I referenced a Movie.'  You get The Wizard of Oz, The Terminator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others.  I could be watching Terminator: Genisys instead of this- what do I choose?!?  The whole thing is just plain dumb and I can't be bothered to say anymore.  If this is Comedy to you, be my guest.
An absolutely-silly train wreck.  For me, it was just nonsense that actually looks WORSE than the other ones did.  Skip.

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