Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Quick Reviews: Get Out (2017)

After far too long of a delay, I can finally talk about the Film that everyone fell in love with back in February...
In a Cold Open, this man is stalked and taken.  Where does this lead?
Some vague time later, our Hero- Chris- goes to meet his white girlfriend's parents at their Family Estate.
He gets a strange vibe from the whole thing, not helped by his potential-Mother-in-Law's desire to hypnotize him (to stop his smoking).
In the wake of that, he continues to notice weird things about the people at the Gathering.  What is their secret?
To be fair, this isn't the weirdest family you could hang out with...

Yes, I did just want to use this Screen Cap from A Time Machine (I Found At A Yard Sale).  Sue me- it fits.
What is the secret of this family?  What are they planning?  Why is Stephen Root in everything?

To find out, watch the Film.  Seriously, it is really good.
Damn good stuff.  From the Writer of stuff like 'Bitch, Please' and 'Luther- Obama's Anger Translator' comes a legitimately-great Horror Comedy.  I know- I'm shocked too!  That's not to insult Jordan Peele's ability to write, since he has proven how good he can be.  It is just surprising to see him handle such an issue in an inventive and clever way.  This could have been goofy- it's not.  This could have been too serious- it is not.  Even when the Plot has to be serious, there is still a strange, eccentric quality to it.  It could have been way more somber or way too dark.  The final product is simply great.  Get Out is a Film that is good for fans of Horror/Thrillers.  If you don't care about the underlying subject matter being discussed, it is still good.  If you are interested in the subject, this one works even better.  Now matter how bad these people may be, I do like their taste in Televisions...
The Film is actually really good.  It is nice to see when these things actually are! 

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