Saturday, July 15, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 7

When one Show grinds to a halt in the Story, another...actually moves forward?!?
Important Moments
- David Lynch and company bring in Diane to speak to Bob Cooper.  She says he's evil.
- They examine lost pages of Laura's Diary and somewhat-awkwardly back-fill Plot Points.
- Doc Hayward appears and we get to see two old dudes use Skype.
- Andy talks to a guy about the previous Episode's Car Accident, but the guy never shows up later.
- The Horne Clan suddenly reappear after 6 Episodes!  We get background on Ashley Judd, while Ben tries to deal with his pot-head Brother.
- We mercifully get only a little Dougie Cooper, this time having a Borne-style moment showing his latent FBI Agent skills to defend himself from the little person assassin!
- Bob Cooper blackmails his way to freedom somehow!
This one is weird and full of random Plot Points.  Even so, I'd say that the basic Theme is Discovery.
- Lots of Backstory comes from the discovery of the missing Diary Pages.
- Annie is back-filled to having dreams of discovery.
- Bob Cooper's discovery of dirt on the Warden helps him out.
- We discover that you can film someone sweeping for 2 minutes straight AND get it on TV.
- Diane discovers the truth about Bob Cooper.
Weirdest Moment(s)
Well, this one is kind of a tie.  It just *slightly* leads towards one.

Runner-Up- A 2-minute unbroken shot of sweeping.
The Winner- The Man From Another Place (now played by stick blob) urges Dougie Cooper to kill the assassin.  It comes the hell out of nowhere and...I love it.
As one Show disappoints, another impresses.  I joked before about the irony of people retroactively-complaining about the bulk of Season 2 in the past.  Yes, it was random and strange, but it always moved forward.  Yes, some of them ended abruptly (like the 'evil kid' Subplot), but most of them kept pace and delivered.  With that said, THIS Episode feels more like Season 2.  It has weird moments throughout- the sweeping, the random Man from Another Place bit-, but also keeps the Plot sort of moving forward.  We learn more about the mystery of Briggs' finger prints (they think he's missing), more about Dougie (more is unlocked) and even more about BOB.  From what I've read, we get even more next time.  This one is what the others should have been!  Like even the most pretentious Episodes of American Gods, it always snuck a little in to keep you invested.  More of this please!  You've got 11 Episodes, so don't dick around.  Now clean the floor!
Next time, more Plot and actually moving forward?  What will become of the Coopers?  See you then...

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