Friday, July 28, 2017

Hulu Hoopz: The Handmaid's Tale- Episode 8

We're back in the present as the Show nears its Finale.  What will happen?
In the wake of finding out the big news from 2 Episodes back (as last week was all Flashback), Offred/June struggles with what to do next.
In the Flashbacks, we see how the Driver got initiated into the Order that eventually took over the United States.

Watching this Episode the same day as a Video about Wanted makes me see comparisons that I never expected to see!
In the Present, Offred is taken outside of the border lines to a strange place.  Who will see find there?
After all of that, Offred/June tries to renew her faith and desire to gain her freedom.  What will happen next?
A good Episode, even if some Plot Threads are still left dangling.  This one takes you back with a different view of the coup that turned America into Mike Pence's wet dream.  Instead of just seeing the people directly involved, we see someone on the peripheral to give us more perspective.  Yeah, the Commander is sad that his wife's book is now banned, but he still negotiated the terms of how Handmaids are raped AND worked on the language to make the wives more accepting.  What a swell fella!  You also see even more of the hypocrisy of those that 'saved the Nation' as they violate their own rules since 'they're only human.'  It's nice to see characters evolve like this.  At the start of the Show, these people were straight up misogynistic assholes.  Later on, it seemed more like they were just religious zealots.  Now it is more clear- they are religious zealots that are also misogynistic assholes!  All in all, the Episode definitely works and makes me want toe see where this is going.  Just to put the quality of the Show into context now, this is something else that 'The Commander' was in...
Next time, the Season Finale.  Will my questions be answered more clearly than American Gods?  See you then...

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