Saturday, July 1, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Do or Die (1991)

Another day, another dead cat.

In Do or Die, 6 Teams of Assassins are trying to kill our busty heroines.  After a few straight-forward tries (mostly with just guns), this time has a new plan- Poison Catfish.

And yes, they are the same 'nobody appreciates a remote control kill' guys from Guns.  Ugh.
As luck would have it, a cat randomly walks up before they start to eat.  How cute- give it some.
As luck would even more have it, she happens to glance down and see that the cat died (in seconds, mind you) and they don't eat any of it.
Bad luck.  Good luck.  Whatever you call it, THIS is what kept the Franchise going.  Dammit.

The lesson- treat cats like Royal Tasters of old.  You never who will poison you- ever!

Hopefully no dead Cats next time...

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