Thursday, July 20, 2017

Starz Struck: American Gods- Season Finale

The Season comes to an end, so let us see if they go out with a whimper or a scream...
Another 'Coming to America' Tale, although this one is lamp-shaded as filler by Mr. Wednesday.

In addition, it shows us the back story of that Goddess we see who sucked people inside of her.  We haven't gotten her since Episode 2!
Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are told that they need to court a Queen.  The latter picks Easter.
As you can see, all of the big people showed up for the yearly party.
This sure won't make people upset.  Right?
All of this comes to a head when the whole gang of New Gods (sorry, Kirby) arrive with an ultimatum.  What happens next?

Sorry, no SPOILERS.
A good Finale, even if it leaves a lot to be covered.  To be fair, it is not the SERIES Finale, so I can accept some open threads.  That said, there are MANY things left to be resolved or even picked up on.  Remember Peter Stormare being really important for 2 Episodes and then vanishing?  The same with Chloris Leachman and her Sisters?  That's just some of the many things that will *probably* be addressed next Season, but still feel weird to be left hanging.  With that complaint aside, the Episode generally delivered quite well for me.  We got more of Dead Wife and Mad Sweeney, some great stuff with Mr. Wednesday and another little bit of creepy Crispin Glover.  He really needed to be on more this Season!  Everyone did a good job with their roles.  If I had to complain, it would probably be that this feels more like a second-to-last Episode than anything else.  Even so, it is a solid wrap-up to the Season.  It also explains that we have one person to blame for all of those '___ People Meet' Apps- Technical Boy!
So that's it for Season 1.  While we wait for Season 2, consider whether or not this is just too damn pretentious.

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