Sunday, July 9, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 6

If it is Sunday, it is...the day that I'm doing this Review this Week.  It's an odd journey to...
Important Moments
- Doug Cooper somehow impresses his Boss by drawing random patterns on his work.
- His Wife pays off his gambling debts and acts bad-ass while doing it.
- After a mysterious e-mail and letter, a little person is sent to kill Dougie and a co-worker (who appears to be behind the car bombing).  Yep.
- We meet a new Horne.  He deals drugs and runs over a kid in his truck.  Internet Rage ensues.- An important clue is finally found and Hawk's heritage does play a part.  Cheeky Lynch.
- Harry Dean Stanton!
- We finally meet the lady to help interrogate Cooper!

This Episode was all over the place in Tone and Style, so it is tricky.  I'm going to with...Symbols.

- A symbol on a Computer leads to the Assassin being sent to kill.
- The discovery of the evidence is based on finding a symbol.
- Doug(ie)'s drawings are apparently potent enough to convince his Boss of...something.

Weird Moment(s)
 Do I pick the Little Person Assassin?  Do I pick Doug Cooper?

To be honest, I'm kind of torn.  I'm getting a bit tired of the Doug(ie) Cooper stuff overall, but the way the Scene with him and his Boss played out has to take the duke here.
Another Episode where a lot happens...and nothing really happens.  The Show continues to drag its feet like a kid who does NOT want to go into the Clothing Store.  What do you think you are- American Gods?  Jokes aside, there are some interesting things to see here.  The bit with the Assassin was out of nowhere, but interesting.  The Doug Cooper bit continues to be a little fun...but with less results each time.  On the plus side, someone finally saw that something was wrong with him.  Am I really going to have to weight 18 Episodes for him to return properly?  I sure hope not!  For all the fun, there was just such randomness.  For example, we see a lady finish her pie and joke about how she loves it.  She leaves a big tip and the Waitresses vow to 'treat' her next time.  End Scene.  Who is this person?  What is going on, man?  The stuff with young Horne and Harry Dean Stanton feels pretty similar, but was at least more interesting.  Oh well- we got angry Ferrer and a Voice Cameo from Lynch.  Nothing was really answered, least I'm not as sad as this 'poor guy' is...
Next time, more answers?  Any answers?  Oh well- I hear Warren Frost is there.  See you then...

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