Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 9

After the insanity of last Week, can it return to normalcy?  Is that even a thing?
Important Moments
- BOB Cooper meets up with his henchmen (1/4 of The Hateful Eight!) & sends them to take out Dougie Cooper and The Warden.
- Dougie stares at a flag and, later, a socket.  Oh and we learn that he suddenly just appeared in 1997.
- Hawk, New Truman and Bobby (back on the Show!) meet with the latter's Mother, who says that Major Briggs predicted this.  A weird device leads to the revelation of 2 Coopers.
- The Las Vegas PD study the recent event with the Little Person Killer and Dougie Cooper.  They take a DNA Sample, but get distracted by the chance to arrest the former.
- The FBI looks at the body and confirms that it can't be Briggs, but it was the same age that he might have been when he was presumed dead.
- 'Shaggy' is back!  He is questioned by the FBI and tells a tale of meeting the Major in another Dimension.  Alright.
I think the most simple one to go with is Planning...
- Major Briggs planned 25 years ahead for the meeting.
- Major Briggs also made plans to elude BOB.  This dead guy is busy!
- BOB Cooper makes plans to kill Dougie- again.
- The LVPD makes plans to look into Dougie.
Weird Moment(s)
This one is certainly a harder one to do than last Week!

Runner-up: the random Scene of Andy and Lucy debating over a Chair to buy online.  Why?
The Winner: Jerry Horne imagining (or not) that his foot is talking to him.

I mean, how could it not?
Well, it is more in line with the rest of the Series so far.  We didn't get a forty-ish minute backstory the hell out of nowhere.  Instead, it was more of what I have come to expect.  A little Plot dripped in amongst a bunch of strange moments and Plot Threads that aren't touched at all for long stretches.  Remember that whole bit with the kid being hit by the Truck?  The Show hasn't touched it since that one bit in Episode 7 with Andy.  Instead of working the case, he's here for a comedy bit with Lucy.  We did finally get some more information on the whole bit with Matthew Lillard, someone we haven't seen since EPISODE 2!  The whole thing is still a bit vague, but we at least get some more information, even if it involves inter-dimensional travel.  There's clearly something going on with the whole Briggs-BOB Cooper angle.  We'll see how well Lynch can play it out given that one of the main players died nearly a Decade ago.  I do have to mention the Show's penchant for weird, seemingly-non-sequitur bits- especially in the Bar.  The last thing you see here isn't some big reveal or tease- it is two Women in a Bar complaining about their jobs.  Maybe this will lead somewhere, but maybe it won't.  I want to trust David Lynch on this stuff, but he makes it hard sometimes.  Speaking of trust, is it me or is this actually Stock Footage from the previous Season?
Next time, will we get more answers?  Will we get less random, nonsensical Scenes?  See you then...

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