Friday, July 14, 2017

Starz Struck: American Gods- Episode 7

Not so fast, Plot!  We need to stop doing that stuff and give a whole Episode's worth of Backstory instead...
Instead of another simple Coming to America Intro, we get...half an Episode of it.  At least it is clear why they are focusing on this person...
We learn the long, detailed Backstory of Emily's Ancestor- Essie.

This is better than Far and Away though.
Intercut with these Flashbacks, narrated for very little reason, is the journey of Mad Sweeny, Emily and Salim travel towards the Meeting of the Gods.
More backstory.  It is pretty and not at all bad...but I still don't see why I'm getting this instead of the Finale Setup.
Now with a new Vehicle, the duo run into some trouble, leading to a reveal (which someone SPOILED for me weeks ago) and a big decision for one of the pair.

Since I'm not the SPOILing kind, I'll just see you next week then.
Not a bad Episode...but why now?  This one's placement in the Series just feels like a big tease.  Why put it here?  This is effectively the Show's Version of a Bouncer- stopping you from getting what you want just yet.  Can I put that aside and just talk about the Episode?  Fine.  We get some good Writing and Acting- as usual- and the Narration is generally-helpful and good.  There are times when it felt a bit much for me, but that's not THAT big of a deal.  Even in these non-starter Episodes, they put one or two things in that you have to see.  Now glimpse of our Leads or ANY of the New Gods though.  Thank Jesus Prime (real in this Show) that they made room for the damn Buffalo though...
Next time, it all comes to an end!  With all of this build-up, it has to be EPIC- right?  See you then...

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