Friday, July 7, 2017

Hulu Hoopz: The Handmaid's Tale- Episode 5

I know I'm behind on this Show.  I'm sure that I'm worse to myself on this than any of you are...
Offred/June is given some illicit materials by The Commander, who seems to be falling for her.

Can this possibly end well?
Speaking of Offred, her Mistress make a big choice for her.  This may end better, but I don't get my hopes up on this Show.
In the Flashbacks, we see June meeting her future Husband.  Their cute banter is hard not to love.

This also leads to one of the many sex scenes this Episode.  They usually have one, but this has FOUR!  Holy escalation, Batman!
We also see the return of Ofglen, although she is now stripped of that name.  We see a glimpse into her home life and a moment where she has to make arguably her biggest choice thus far.

How will all of this end?  Keep watching to find out...
Another good, good Episode.  This one gives us some good forward momentum on the Story, some nice little turns and some great Flashback bits.  Side-note: why do people hate on Arrow for doing these, but love this Show for it?  Is it just the volume of them?  In any event, this one has many great moments to discuss- although I'll try to be vague.  All of the Scenes with Ofglen carry great poignancy and sadness, mostly due to Alexis Bledel's ability to make the saddest eyes in the World.  I love how she is on this and the revival of Gilmore Girls at the same time!  All of the stuff with June in the past is real nice too.  They just have a natural chemistry in all of their Scenes.  They obviously go out of their way to show you how good their life was before all of the bad stuff happened to really emphasize the point.  Kudos!  More than anything, this Episode has big/notable events/reveals that will keep me going until the finale.  Keep your eye on this one...
Next time, more intrigue as the fate of many- especially Ofglen- is in flux.  Who will survive?  See you then...

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