Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hulu Hoopz: The Handmaid's Tale- Episode 6

Since I'm playing catch-up with this Show, let me get right to this...
The City is being cleaned up in preparation for Ambassador's from a South American Country are visiting.
In a flip of the script, we see Flashbacks featuring The Commander and his Wife.

We get a glimpse into the World just before the radical uprising that led to this World.
On top of that, they make you almost feel bad for the woman when you see her being reduced and degraded by the sexist overlords.
This all leads to a Gala that leads to a big reveal...that I obviously won't SPOIL.

Alright, there's actually two.  Mum's the word though.
Another dark, but good Episode.  This one is lighter in some regards- all the sex- but definitely darker in others.  The part where they are cleaning the blood from the walls- great.  The bleak pageantry of the Gala- great.  What it does especially well is mix things up with the storytelling.  For the first time, we see the other side of the conflict a bit.  We see the Commander and others that were behind the overthrow of the Government.  I still have many questions- like how the Military either fell or fell in line- but I know that they have time.  Plus, I'm like super-nitpicky about everything.  The highlights of the Episode have to be Offred's 2 big Speeches.  They really work due to the quality of the Writing and the Ability of our Star.  There are still many things to be dealt with, but we have 3 more Episodes in which to do it.  If you aren't watching this Show yet, just know that it is watching you...
Next time, with a big truth revealed, how will things change?  What fate awaits our Heroines?  See you then...

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