Monday, July 31, 2017

Moon Over Miami: Meridian (1990)

I'd say about two years is long enough to wait.  Not counting a Screener Review (which, BTW, they only sent me Episode 1 of!), I haven't done Full Moon since September 2015.  To be fair, I've done ALOT of Full Moon in the past.  After getting a 'Here is 8 Movies- Enjoy' Set recently, I have one more to do- 1990's Meridian.  I don't know much about it, as it isn't a Full Moon Film that went on to have spin-offs and/or Sequels.  Somehow we are up to around 15 Puppet Master Films and even about 5 Killjoy Films.  In spite of that, this one is a one-and-done.  Why Bad Channels got to tie-in into another Film and this didn't is anyone's guess.  The Plot involves a strange painting, two ladies, a traveling Circus and evil(ish) twins.  It is all so very *yawn* exciting.  To find out how it all plays out, read on...
Somewhere in Italy, this totally-not-evil portal signals the arrival of some totally-not-evil people.
Somewhere else in Italy, a painting is discovered and given to our co-Heroine to uncover the real one behind it.  I'm sure it is not evil or anything.
The woman is able to visit her friend- Audrey from Twin Peaks- and they decide to a Show...
 Those same totally-not-evil people are in a Traveling Circus.  The friend is so impressed that she invites them over for dinner (in her friend's Castle FYI).

What could go wrong?
Oh right.

They are both drugged and taken against their will, our Heroine ending up with a more...hairy guy.
Now back in the Castle for good, 'Audrey' starts seeing visions again, the same ones that led to her being sent away years ago.

I'm sure that there's nothing to this, right?
She eventually is told the truth: her family is connected to the evil people.  She wasn't told this earlier, since she 'had to learn for herself.'  Well, at least nothing bad happened as a consequence!!!

Basically, the women in the family line are cursed to be drawn to the two men- one good and one evil.  The scary-looking one is actually the good one- twist!

Oh and the furry guy is the good side of the Circus' Leader (or something).
In the End, the Painting leads the friend to return and the pair save 'Audrey' from being sacrificed.  The Werewolf-looking one makes the final shot.

However, the Circus people must now return home...apparently...and that's it.  The End.
A lot of style, but little substance.  Meridian is clearly meant to look and feel like a Fairy Tale.  To a certain extent, it works.  The Film has a somewhat-otherworldly feel to it at times.  Other than that, it is mostly just a shallow and silly Film.  It has a faux air of importance, but nothing to justify it.  It looks nice most of the time, helped immensely by the Setting.  They shot the whole thing in Italy with a mix of Italian Actors- for the minor Roles- and American ones- for the important ones.  It creates a nice air of beauty as Italy is a damn beautiful place.  On top of that, the Music is nice and pretty.  It was nice enough to be re-used at least 4 times by Full Moon, in fact!  The only real drawback to the Italian setting is the awkward mix of English and Italian.  It will just sort of change mid-scene and at random.  On top of that, they also don't make the Geography of it all clear sometimes.  For example, the Priest that finds the painting that our Co-Heroine is working on later shows up as a Priest talking to 'Audrey.'  They make a big show of how her friend has to make the trip by train to see her at the Castle...but I guess the Church is close?  It is a nit pick, I admit.  All in all, Meridian is a nice-looking, but kind of empty Film that wants to seem important.  It is still far better than any Evil Bong or Gingerdead Man Film though, so points!  Speaking of, let's keep this Film nice and classy...
Next time, I return to Japan for some insanity.  I've been holding on to some stuff for a while, so maybe I should check it out.  Stay tuned...

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