Friday, July 7, 2017

Starz Struck: American Gods- Episode 6

As the finale approaches, the Plot seems to both thicken and actual become clear.  Joy...
In another neat-but-seemingly-pointless Intro, Mexicans cross the U.S. Border and meet Mexican Jesus.

By this point, Fuller and company wanted to make things more clear, so they literally had a Character write 'Coming to America' on a paper to literally spell it out for you.  Literally.
In the wake of the Police Station incident, Shadow needs some help from Mr. Wednesday.  Don't take this out of context or anything...
Just in time for this Story to amount to something, people we know start to actually link up.  Hurray!
Once the crisis is averted, Shadow and Wednesday meet Vulcan, who has gone from forging Swords to forging Guns.  Will he be the ally they need?

To find out, watch the Show.
See, when this Show is good AND has a Plot, it is just so much better.  You get all of the typical Fuller stuff still.  You get the trippy Intro, the super-precise look at small objects in motion and the grand visuals that make this up.  Thankfully, this doesn't come at the expense of moving the Story forward!  We get to learn more about the upcoming conflict, which is nice.  On top of that, the seemingly-disconnected bit with the Buffalo/Djinn comes into play as well.  On top of THAT, more great interactions with the Leprechaun.  At this point, if he wants to play Wolverine, I say let him!  If you have kept up with the Show so far, this one is good enough to keep you invested until the end.  It is only 2 more Episodes, but you get the idea.  If the last two are this good, it will be worth sticking with the arty/listless Episodes.  When in doubt, mix Nazi imagery with Gun Culture- the Internet will love it!
Next time, more intrigue, twists and actual Plot.  How will this lead to a Finale?  See you then...

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