Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Quick Reviews: Under the Bed (2012)

Every once in a while, I just pick something random from Netflix Queue and watch it.  This is one such case...
A young man returns home after 2 years away.  What kept him away for so long?
It turns out that he legitimately-feared a monster under his bed.  He burned down the House and this led to the death of his Mother.

Naturally, his Dad is not cool with this.
While he's been gone, the creature has been haunting his younger brother and just generally being a dick.  Enjoy this scary face popping up in a red-tinted dream and pretend that it isn't just a bit Freddy.
While our Hero tries to figure out how to live with and/or handle the situation, the creature just kind of vaguely does strange and creepy stuff.
Their Stepmom is supportive...but only so far.

"No playing Ash in the Garage, son."
It all leads to a climax where the mysterious Creature makes its big move!

What will happen?  Watch the Film.
Decent stuff that doesn't quite explain what exactly it is all about.  The Film itself is pretty good.  The Acting is alright.  The Directing is fine.  The whole thing doesn't look cheap.  My biggest problem is that it doesn't explain nearly enough for my taste.  What is the Monster?  What motivates it?  Why does it hate our Lead?  Why does it want him and nobody else?  Why is it even there?!?  None of those questions are answered at all or, at the very least, that well.  Some people take no issue with Films that don't explain big parts of their Plot.  I like to think that there is a difference between, for example, the mystery of Romero's Zombie Apocalypse and if a Film didn't explain why Zombies went after Humans.  That make sense?  I hope so.  Under the Bed is still a pretty nice, low-budget Horror Film that just doesn't feel like explaining that much.  If you can live with that better than me, you'll enjoy it.  Just remember- nothing instills horror and dread like the name...
A pretty good Film that mines the premise for as much as they can.  It is not perfect though.

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