Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quick Reviews: The Protector 2

This one is a a bit of an odd bird as I heard NO promotion for it until I saw it on a list of Soon-to-be-Released Films and added it to my Queue.

After a four year gap in making films, how does this new Tony Jaa film stand up?  Let's see...
Tony Jaa is back from his time in a Buddhist Temple and ready for another Sequel.  His character Kham runs into familiar territory- including a kidnapped elephant and lots of fight scenes.
One change is the addition of more 'Star Power' to bolster Jaa's efforts.  Good sign or bad?

Among the new Cast Members are the Lead Actress from Chocolate (by the same Producer) and the RZA.  No, I'm not joking about that last one.
Now here's the double-edged sword: this film uses Wires and CGI now.  That's not to say that there is NO real fighting or that it is all enhanced, but much of it is.

As a balance, this allows for more over-the-top Scenes including Trains, 3rd Rails and more vehicular mayhem.  Oh and the Film was shot in 3-D.  For better or worse, this is a bigger, sillier film.
I liked The Protector 2, but I wonder if I will like it as much as I do the original when it is being revisited much later.  This represents a somewhat subtle/somewhat major change in philosophy for Jaa and the Studio.  Was the use of enhancements done out of necessity or 'just because?'  From what I can tell, Jaa and company can still 'go,' so I'm going with the latter.  There was one notable stunt where Editing and Wires played a part, which is kind of like seeing that one bit in Enter the Dragon which cheats.  I still enjoyed the film, but it felt a little  It doesn't help that the RZA continues to get himself put into these kinds of films.  He's not good- period.  If you like rough and tumble action, you get it here.  You also get some stuff that doesn't quite feel right in a Tony Jaa film.  Whether or not this bothers you will affect whether or not you rush out to see this...
I hope this helps you make your decision.

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