Wednesday, August 6, 2014

He's Dead, Jim!: Marked for Death

Before I get to the less-silly Scene that inspired this Segment, I have to use this one: the infamous Seagal Triple Kill from Marked For Death.

In the Finale, Seagal beats up the Rasta Boss and gauges his eyes out.  To most people, that would probably be enough.
He one-ups this fatal strike by picking up the guy and giving him a nice WWF-style Backbreaker!  He won't walk again!
To keep the 'fun' going, he takes the man's mostly-dead and broken body and chucks it through the drywall!
The man falls..and falls.

Seriously, they play his fall and collision with the walls twice!
After one last smash against the wall of the Elevator Shaft, he falls to the bottom...and hits the spike at the bottom.

That...would have hurt if he wasn't dead six minutes ago.
That was some serious overkill!  I mean, DAMN!

It brings a new meaning to 'No Woman, No Cry,' doesn't it?

Next up, Jet Li makes quick, but painful work of a man.  Why does this scene from a 7-year-old film still stand out so much to me?  Stay tuned...

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