Tuesday, August 26, 2014

He's Dead Jim!: War (2007)

At last, the Scene that inspired this Segment.  It only took me 7 Years to do something with it.

In War, Jet Li works for and then betrays these Mob Bosses that hire him to kill other Mob Bosses.  I won't SPOIL why.

As part of this, he targets his new Boss and has to get through the Security...
As the guy casually greets him, the famous Martial Artist straight up kicks him in the groin!  It's like he was going for a Goal!
Immediately following that, he goes to finish the guy off.
With one bullet, the guy reaches a sudden and decisive end.  Bang- you dead, as Chris Claremont would say (look it up, non-Nerds!).
That was quick and relatively-painless, you're saying.  Why highlight it?

Well, put yourself in this Guard's shoes.  He's living a nice, criminal life when he's suddenly Punt Kicked in the groin by a Wuxia Star!  As his brain processes this sudden and sharp pain, a bullet pierces his brain.

His last moments were nothing but sheer, groin-related pain!  Is that something you'd want?

I didn't think so.

Got any idea of what Movie Moment to feature next in this Segment?  If so, hit me up in the Comments!


  1. This is the sort of stuff that has always gone through my head... since I was a kid and watching James Bond mow down anonymous mooks by the dozen.
    Like, that guy who Bond just unceremoniously killed was once a kid... with hopes and dreams... there's a whole untold story about how he grew up and turned to a life of supercrime. But we'll never know that story... because James Bond just killed him without even a bit of chat or asking his name. Anonymous Mook is just dead... nameless and dead.

    1. Yeah, totally.

      'Venture Bros' addressed this with a Henchman for The Monarch who insisted that he wasn't doomed to die since he had a name.

      One of the few jokes in 'Goldmember' that was good involved Caine explaining that the anonymous Guard will die...since he doesn't even have a Name Tag.