Monday, August 18, 2014

Quick Reviews: 3 Days to Kill

This is another 'I'll wait for Netflix' Movie for me.  The film was...a bit different than I expected.

So, if you are in the same boat as I was, allow me to shed some light on yet another 'Because Taken Did Well' Film...
Costner is an older spy who has pretty much separated himself from his family and his now-teenage daughter.  Unfortunately, he gets some bad news: he has cancer and he will die soon.

This drives him to go to Paris (since Luc Besson wrote this film) and try to make up for lost time.
While he's not looking for work, work finds him.  He's offered a possible cure for his Cancer in exchange for killing the man who previously escaped him on his last mission.
Can he balance family and his job for once in his life?  Is living longer worth it if he goes back on his word?
The world of a spy is dangerous enough- let alone if you're a dying man.  Can he trust anyone?

To find out, watch the movie.
Don't believe the way this film was sold.  The Trailers were all 'Kevin Costner kills people' and that's pretty much it.  What the film actually is amounts to two things: Kevin Costner kills people and Kevin Costner indulges in Family-Related Comedy/Drama.  There is a running gag where Costner keeps getting family advice from a source working for his target when he learns that the guy has two teenage girls himself.  There is a 'Find This Guy and Kill Him' Plot, but there are long breaks where it is just the family stuff.  The thing is this: both parts are good.  As much as I don't go for the schmaltzy stuff, it works well enough here to not bother me.  Fun Aside: the title line is given by the daughter and in reference to them hanging out together (and not the assignment).  The Action is shot well enough by McG (whose career is such that his films aren't marketed as being made by him anymore!) and I have no real complaints about that.  Having said that, I can see that fans of only one part of the Story having an issue with it.  Here's one thing I do have an issue: this film's Rating.  The film features a good two-to-three dozen on-screen kills, but shows little blood and gets a PG-13 Rating.  On top of that, the Blu-Ray (and I assume DVD) Release has a bit where a giant cloud of convenient smoke covers a pair of topless dancers' tits- twice!  The MPAA, ladies and gentlemen.
A good Story and Action...but done in a weird blend.  The film's two divergent parts don't always work in sync, but they are both good on their own.

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