Sunday, August 17, 2014

Totally-Over-The-Top Cover Art: The Mist

While retrieving the Cover Art for The Mist to use in a previous Post, I found this thing on Google Image Search.  Ain't that Service, grand?

So yeah, just check this DVD Art for Frank Darabont's film about a town trying to outlast a mysterious storm and occupation by mysterious creatures...
Ho-ly shit!  That's...I...I mean...just wow.

Don't get me wrong- there are monsters like the one you see on the Cover, but the tone is just all wrong.

For a movie like say Monsters or a Godzilla film, this would totally kick ass though!


  1. Totally over the top, but looks just excellent - wow!

  2. I dunno... It implies more 'action' than the movie has... but it does capture how the parking lot scene felt.
    Still prefer the 'window' version though.