Saturday, August 16, 2014

SPOILER Theatre SPOtlight: Leonard Nimoy

Taking a break from full SPOILER activity, let me switch things up by just doing it with one Actor...

Nimoy has had a long, storied Career in Film and TV.  He got oddly and intermittently typecast though.

1) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1973): If you don't know that Ending yet, you must be Amish.  Nimoy is notably playing a friend to our Lead...but was actually already a Pod Person!

What a jerk!
2) Land of the Lost (2009): Ferrell and company see a message to stop The Zarn (Nimoy) from getting a MacGuffin Crystal and know to give it to a good one.

As it turns out though, Nimoy was the good one!  What a...jerk?

3) Transformers- Dark of the Moon: Optimus and company find a lost Autobot on the Moon- naturally.  Said Autobot (Nimoy) helps them make new tech to help the Earth and restore Cybertron.
Or does he?

As it turns out, Nimoy's Autobot is a turncoat and tries to help Megatron conquer us.  What a jerk!
The only connection between the films are Nimoy, so...weird, right?

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