Thursday, August 28, 2014

SPOILER Theatre: Vampire Film Repetition

I'm back to SPOIL more films you haven't bothered to see yet.  Be warned!

In Count Yorga, Vampire (confusing comma!), our hero seeks to stop the titular monster.  He does and escapes with her.

However, she was already turned and kills him!

In The Return of Count Yorga, new heroes are out in a similar scenario.  The AIP way!

Anyhow, Yorga is killed and our heroes escape...only for the guy to reveal that he was turned and kill her!
Finally, we have The Fearless Vampire Killers.  A young and old pair seek to...well, guess.

The pair escape with Sharon Tate (aw!)... but she was turned and bites them!
So wow, those feel familiar, huh?

Just to note, Fearless came first (in 1967) and is the most awesome.  See them all, but that one first!

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