Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quick Reviews: Meet The Feebles

Holy crap- how have I NOT done this yet?  After watching it the other night, I realized my mistake.

Before there were Hobbits, Gandalfs or even Frighteners, there were The Feebles...
Peter Jackson's Second Feature Film (between Bad Taste and Dead Alive) is about a Muppet-like Show being prepped for the air.  Our gateway character is a cute little Porcupine who is innocent.
Everyone else- including their Walrus Producer- is not even remotely-innocent.  They engage in perversion like cross-species affairs, shooting Porn in the basement and doing lots of 'smack.'

Oh and the Walrus is banging this cat.
In one of the odder Scenes to look at (saying alot!), we see the large-scale suits on a Golf Course making a business deal.

It is just the juxtaposition of the normal and surreal, I think.
Highlights include a Flashback for their Kermit analog to his Vietnam days.  Deer Hunter parody- why not?
My personal favorite is, naturally, the best musical number in the film (which is saying alot): 'Sodomy.'  I will say no more.
I could spend hours talking about this crazy film!  Meet The Feebles is weird, dark and twisted Satire.  I saw it years ago and loved it.  When I saw it again a couple of days ago, it proved extra funny.  Why?  Well, the Plot of 'New Character Joins the Troupe Before the Big Show' was recently done in 2011's The Muppets!  Yes, it has been done in other things, but the fact that the people that they were Parodying back then did a similar story is just great.  Their Miss Piggy is a Hippo with violence and weight issues.  Their Kermit does Heroin and has Vietnam flashbacks.  They cover other characters as well in perverse ways.  They have a Bugs Bunny analog who gets sick and is given a bad diagnosis (see below).  The film is very, very odd.  If you are into Jackson's early work like Bad Taste and you haven't seen this, you need to.  If you like the dark, crazy and twisted stuff, you need to see this movie.  If you have seen it, call a friend and go see it again.
Easily the most messed-up and hilarious film involving drug abuse, pornography and Puppet murder- bar none.

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