Monday, August 25, 2014

Indie Flix: Dr. Liebenstein

Well, it was free.  Today's film is Dr. Liebenstein, which happens to be my first real Screener.  I've gotten a few 'here's a link to my film on Vimeo' invites on occasion, but this was a real Disc and everything.  The film is the work of one Erik Karl, who is also the Lead.  I hear he knows the Director, so that helps.  The film tells the tale of a community overrun by Vampires...or, well, at least one Vampire of note.  Our only hope is the titular Doctor, who knows all about Vampires and how to kill them.  Can this small town remain under his protection or will the blood-suckers strike too close to home?  To find out, read on...
The film begins with roughly five minutes of this lady telling you about a scary scene.  How does that expression go again- Tell, Don't Show?  Something like that.

When this happens or how it affects the story- no clue.  Still no Opening Credits yet.
We then see a random lady go home, strip down to her underwear and discover that someone broke into her house.  She runs out to yell at him, only to discover that he's a Vampire...that appears in a pyro a la a WWE Superstar.
In one of the most 'Wow, Really?!?' things I've ever seen, she's stopped by a locked her own house.  That...that's just...I, really?!?
She's killed by the Vampire and then we get...a Time Stamp.  That's...helpful?
Two things happen...
1. Liebenstein and his girl break up, only for her to be killed by a Vampire.  This leads him to be a hero.
2. Around Halloween 1998, these people get together.  So yeah, they're going to die, right?
Two of them are targeted in the Woods and the guy dies.  Our hero shows save the lady.
I'm not going to mock an Indie Film for not having ILM Effects.  However, when they show me Vampires dissolving like Cigar Paper...
Dr. Liebenstein ends up with the woman he saved...since I guess that's not weird or anything.  We needed a romance sub-plot, so there you go.
With the Vampire on the loose and things getting personal (in many ways), can the good Doctor save the day?  To find out, watch the movie.
The effort is there, but the results are not quite up to par.  I'm going to be nice here since, hey, why not try something new.  Seriously though, I can see the parts that could be made into a real good movie.  The ideas are certainly there and they fail, although not for lack of trying.  The Acting is not terrible and the CG Effects are not bad.  The issue with the CG is how they are used and in what context.  The more films people make, the more they usually learn when to use CG and when not to.  Obviously the exception to the rule is Michael Bay.  The big problem here is the Pacing and overall Plot Setup.  The Plot should be simple, but it gets complicated with the excess Characters, seemingly-random order of Scenes and focus on the wrong people.  Did we need 'Webcam Elvira' for the Story to work?  Did we need that odd and seemingly-random bit of exposition from the girl in the Hoodie?  I could go on, but you get the idea.  I could also mention that the Soundtrack is...just kind of odd.  It is alot of generic Alt Rock at random points that just feels out of place.  Atmosphere is important in a film like this and it should be created.  In the End, the film is not a real success, but it has some weird stuff going on for sure...
Next up, I resume Project Terrible with an awful, awful 'Comedy.'  While it has slightly-less farting than his previous works, this Craig Moss is as bad as its title is needlessly-long.  Stay tuned...

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