Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiction vs. Fiction: Psycho II

Hey, it took 24 years for Robert Bloch to write the Book Sequel, so my delay is nothing.

If you missed the first one of these, the Concept is simple: comparing the Book version of a Story to the film one.  This is a doozy!
In Psycho 2 (the film), Norman Bates is released from the Institution and tries to resume a normal life in Town.  Nobody wants that.

In 'Psycho 2' (the book), Norman escapes the Asylum by killing a Nun and flees to...Hollywood!  No Bates Motel- just a set later.  Symbolism?
In the film, the sister of Marion Crane stays close to Norman to stop future killings.

In the book, the sister of Marion Crane is killed about 10 Chapters in.  31 year-old SPOILER btw.
In the film, Mrs. Crane goes mad and takes the fall for Norman's crimes.  A lady who is his real Mom shows up...and dies.

In the Book, Norman is not the real killer...but 2 others are.  Limited SPOILER.
The Studio distanced itself from Bloch and allegedly told him not to publish the book.  He did.  The film and book versions are night and day.  The book is a dark, pointed Satire of Hollywood.  It spends more time skewering Writers than people.  Hollywood likes Satire...until it is about them. I would love to see this version get a film.  The film is perhaps a bit too lambasted, but not as good as this either.  I got my very-worn copy for 99 cents and you can too!
Next up, I got the book version of my favorite film ever.  Is it better or worse?  Stay tuned...

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  1. "In the film, the sister of Marion Crane is killed about 10 Chapters in. 31 year-old SPOILER btw."

    You meant in the book right ? ;-p