Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Immediate Response: The Expendables 3

Nobody else is apparently seeing it, so I will (and did last night)!

Can Stallone and company keep it up in a third film.  Let's see...
The Good
- The film plays to its base (like me) well.  Big Action, Characters and explosions.
- The new guys like Snipes, Banderas and Rousey all bring something new.
- There is some fun Meta Humor involving Snipes being broken out of jail and Bruce Willis being gone ("Church is...out of the picture.").   Plus 'Get to the Choppa!'
- Even though I hate him as a person (do I need to explain?), Mel Gibson is a good Gonzo villain.
- The youth influx is a good idea and could play into future tales.

The Bad
- I missed Terry Crews here (his part is small).
-With the whole Youth vs Experience Story, poor Liam Hemsworth (who was a young member in the last film) gets no mention?  Weird, right?
- Jet Li is do no Kung-Fu.  Alright then.
- While it is fun, the movie's talk of mortality and revenge doesn't make it deep.  Sorry, Stallone.

Ultimately, The Expendables 3 is a big, loud and fun film.  Everyone shines a bit.  If you aren't a fan though, this one probably won't convert you.

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