Saturday, August 23, 2014

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Age of the Hobbits (aka Clash of the Empires)

This is seriously been a long time coming.  Bob suggested I do this one like...what...200 months ago.  I might be exaggerating.

In Age/Clash, the Tribe is getting ready to leave the Tree Tribe's Camp to find their friends.  These two are upset.
The guy on the right decides to make a stand...for some reason.  Macho stuff, I guess.
Even though they have been hanging around the Camp for a while, he steps on a trip wire and... hit by a trap that couldn't have been hidden that well in the first place.
Requisite angry 'Noooo!' and we're out of here.
Getting killed in a silly manner right after promising to protect someone- yeah, that works.

Seriously though, how did you not see it?  Secondly, why was that trap so close to their Camp?  Weren't they worried about randomly activating it while getting up to take a piss in the middle of the night?

Got any more suggestions to keep this Segment from going into hiatus for months again?  Hit me up in the Comments!

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