Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weird Patterns: Horror Films In Space

It is time again for another random observation from a man that is full of nothing but that.

Here is a list of films and see if you can find the common thread...

Jason X
Galaxy of Terror
The Dark Side of the Moon
Ghosts of Mars
Critters 4
Leprechaun 4
Creature (1985)
Dracula 3000
Hellraiser: Bloodlines
Apollo 18

I've reviewed most of them at this point, so the answer should be obvious...

They are all set in Space.
Here's my question: why?  Many of these films are Sequels or copies of one of the films.  Alien mostly gets a pass here.  That said, they break down like so...

Zombies in Space (Plaguers/Ghosts of Mars), Lead Villain in Space (Jason X/Critters 4/Leprechaun 4/Hellraiser 4), Vampires in Space (Dracula 3000), evil power in Space (Galaxy of Terror/The Dark Side of the Moon), random Monster in Space (Alien/Creature) and tiny rock monsters in Space (Apollo 18).

My question: is there a huge crossover of people that love Sci-Fi Films about new Worlds, advanced technology and exploration & people that like to see people die in different ways?

Just for comparison, how many Sci-Fi Franchises have added Horror to themselves later?  Silent Running...From Zombies?  2011: The Day We Made Contact With Dracula?  Logan's Run: The Full Moon?

I didn't think so.
Horror Films in Space.  Weird, right?

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  1. I wonder if it's just because 'in space' let's the characters be locked into a limited environment with the threat... answering the question 'why don't they just leave?'.
    Also I think it plays to the trend of pumping more action into horror... because as soon as you say 'in space' it implies bigger guns, bigger explosions.