Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vampires Suck?: Vampires- The Turning

Vampires are...kicking my ass!  Today's film is a fairly-recent horror film made in Thailand.  If you like action in your horror films, this will probably meet your needs.  The plot involves a batch of Vampires attacking our heroine's girlfriend, dragging him into a secret society that he knew nothing about.  Will he die or thrive?  To find out the answers to this question- and why a Swiss Actor is the villain-, read on...
After some silly, Vampire P.O.V. (see the stinger), a date between our hero and his lady at a Kickboxing event goes badly when she gets blood on her blouse.
It gets even worse when she storms out, only to run into an evil Vampire who bites her!  What's a guy to do?
If you guessed 'have a karate fight,' then you guessed right.  Of course, 'karate' is Japanese and not Thai, but whatever.
If there was one fault of the movie, I'd say it's the crappy CG effects.  Always good for a laugh though.
Patrick Bachau- Chase's Dad from House M.D. and the Detective in Phenomena- is here as Raines, a Vampire Hunter.  If you don't get that he's an asshole, you have not watched enough movies...or this one.
Desperate to have the power to stop the evil Vampires- who are part of some weird curse in Thailand-, our hero goes all the way and becomes a Vampire himself.  Seems like you lost focus there, but okay.
It all comes down to a day-for-night showdown between the evil Vampires and the less-evil ones (with our hero).  More fighting, but I can certainly live with that, especially considering the random crap that most Vampire films insert.
Unfortunately, Raines is an asshole and kills all of the other Vampires while our hero fights his rival.  He wants to stop them from stopping a ceremony that will make Vampires cease to exist in Thailand.  After all, if that happens, what will he get paid to kill?
Despite being outnumbered, our hero manages to win the day by completing the ceremony, killing Raines in the process.  This means that him and his lady can return to America as normal people and there's no chance for a sequel.  The End.
If you enjoy the film's one note, you'll like this one.  For better or for worse, this movie has pretty much one draw: fight scenes.  It's not so much a Horror film with fighting as it is an Action film with Vampires in it.  There's nothing really wrong with that- it's just a fact.  I like Action films, so I'm cool with it.  The film has some odd pacing, giving you action- and that hilarious CG effect- early on and then trying to immerse you in complex, Vampire lore.  Basically, some guy got cursed and became a Vampire.  He kept turning people and that's why Vampires exist 800 years later.  No, really.  The whole film builds to this ceremony which will end the Vampire curse.  Surprisingly, our hero thinks that he can trust a guy who's sole living is killing Vampires to play nice here.  It's like asking Billy Jack to help you kill Indians!  The bottom line here is this: decent effects, good atmosphere and good action.  It's not perfect by any means, but it is fun.  Yes, in spite of this silly Vampire P.O.V. over the Opening Credits...
Next up, I wrap up Vampire Week with a Vampire Comedy.  From the man who brought us Forbidden Zone, here is more silly pain.  Stay tuned...

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