Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Terrible- Round 7

I suppose I should announce that the bi-monthly war of attrition is back!

Yes, we've made to Round 7 and I'm happy to announce that Cinema Gonzo and The Girl Who Loves Horror are back for this round.  Craig at Let's Get Out of Here is hanging around still, as is Maynard Morrisey (of the titular Horror Diary) and Bob over at Gaming Creatively.

We're still nailing down all of the films and we're aiming for most of the reviews to take place in July.  Here's what I've handed out to them to watch...

Bob: Blubberella- Uwe Boll makes a comedy parodying his own work.  It should be painful.

Michele: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie- A film based on gross playing cards marketed towards adolescent boys.  Seems fitting for a nice, young lady to review.

Maynard: Frogs- A film I actually love, but does feature a chemical-assault by lizards.  It deserves more a stupid movie.

Craig: 1313- Actor Slash Model- David DeCoteau keeps working (if you call it that), so I keep giving his movies to Project Terrible members.  I'm a nice guy.

Thomas: Big Money Rustlas- The Insane Clown Posse got a movie.  This is the sequel.  It's a Western Comedy.  Should be fun for you, buddy.

As for what I'm getting...

From Bob: Episode 50- A found-footage, haunted house film that's NOT from The Asylum.  Fair enough.

From Michele: Demon Seduction/Sex- A softcore porn film disguised as Horror.  Yea?

From Maynard: Offspring- After Dark horror that shares the name with a rock band?  Okay.

From Craig: Dracula's Widow- I've seen his daughter and his weird cousins, so why not?

From Thomas: Bear (2010)- Guess what it's about?  I dare you!

Check us out in July to see all of our pain.

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  1. btw, we have to wait for Michele's films until next week, she's currently on vacation.