Friday, June 22, 2012

Horror Crap-llection: The Fear Chamber

I'm so scared...that this movie also suck ass.  Well, maybe I shouldn't be too quick to judge The Fear Chamber.  After all, it's neither Australian or about hiking.  Who's the star?  Rhett Ghiles.  Oh God, this is going to suck!  Now, to be fair, Rhett Ghiles isn't a terrible Actor.  He's just in A LOT of Asylum films, which are almost never good.  Mind you, he's not been great in anything I've seen either, so this is not a free pass.  Who's the other star?  Can they redeem this in my eyes?  If you guessed, the bad guy from Big Bad Wolf, you'd be right.  Why you would guess that is anyone's guess!  So what is this movie about?  It's about a serial killer who tortures women.  Great- it's another Saw-lite film.  Joy.  To find out this movie rises above all of my concerns, read on..
Well, I'll be concise here.  I'd say it was to avoid SPOILERS, but it's mostly because I don't care all that much.

Rhett Ghiles is a Cop.  In spite of hearing a woman cry out in terror, he takes his sweet time getting to her.  She dies.  You dick.
After failing to save the girl, he manages to get taken down by the evil Doctor...who knocks him out, but doesn't kill him.
The movie boils down to this.  Step 1: Ghiles has weird dreams/visions that relate to him feeling like he let a woman die (which he did).
Step 2: He investigates the crimes and talks to his boss- aka that black guy from The Blues Brothers and The X-Files.
 Step 3: Repeat Step 1.
 Step 4: Repeat Step 2.

Get it?  Got it?  Good.  The End.
Was I too harsh?  Honestly, this film is just kind of there.  It starts off strong- albeit silly-, but goes downhill from there.  The over-reliance on fake-out scares is just criminal.  When they're extremely obvious, they serve no purpose.  If you want make neat visuals, make them count!  If you can get past that silliness, it's a decent, low-budget thriller.  I do think that the lead is inept though, which only works if there is some sort of character arc.  There's not.  I don't have any more to say about this film honestly, so let's just end things with this sad, Rhett Ghiles face...
Next up, a ghost tale...made for about $1,000.  Bonus points for a weird, random re-titling to boot!  Stay tuned...

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