Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horror Crap-llection: Watch Me

Here comes the part where I explain how dumb I am.  Not knowing how Calendars work- in spite of watching the Rifftrax short 'Calendars: How to Use Them'-, I got dates mixed up.  My brilliant plan to watch and review all 5 remaining films in this set kind of falls apart.  On the plus side, I have good crap to review tomorrow and this film sucked ass.  Yes, that is a good point.  Since I'm also good at procrastinating, it's helpful to be able to realize how bad a film is in the first twenty minutes and subsequently give up on it.  Back-story?  Watch Me is a 2006 horror film with a plot that may sound familiar.  It's kind of like Fear Dot Com- hint hint.  It was made in Australia, the same country that gave me the oddly-pitched film Bloodmoon, the meandering Battlespace and, of course, the non-Italian Patrick film.  What will this film end up like?  To find out, read on...
A man comes home to find his roommate dead, having been pushed/fallen out of the window.  It all has to do with some video he watched on a disc.
If you watch this video, a ghost comes and kills you.  I think I've seen this movie before, haven't I?
Oh right, it's Ringu.  I'll just watch that film again.  Hell, I'll watch the quirky Korean version again.  The End.
Why even bother?  This movie is cheaply-made, dull and just generally annoying.  I'm sure that someone cared about this movie, but I didn't.  Can you blame me?  This is Ringu, only with Australian people, a budget of $50 and with no forward momentum.  Even if it was a good movie, it would still be a rip-off.  It's not, however, giving it no excuse.  Given the obscurity of this film, you can easily avoid seeing it.  If you do, at least take this good message out of it...
Next up, I celebrate Father's Day with the sequel to last year's Father Day film.  This one comes via the Internet and has excised everything good.  Stay tuned...

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