Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping Things Up: Cyborg

Albert Pyun- what a hack!  Cyborg is a Mad Max rip-off with Jean Claude Van-Damme and a sci-fi twist.  The biggest confusion related to this film is the title.  The main character is a Cyborg and the plot revolves around her...but she doesn't really do much.  She's introduced, appears in a few scenes and plays into the finale.  That said, the main character is Van Damme.  I guess Karate Guy in the Wasteland was not as catchy.  The plot involves an irradiated, burned-out land full of murderers and thieves.  Yeah, we've seen that film before.  Van Damme's character agrees to help the titular cyborg get to Atlanta- don't, the zombies are there!- but almost immediately loses her to some bad guys who want her information too.  It's convenient that Van Damme already wanted to kill them, huh?  To find out how this somehow inspired a movie starring Angelina Jolie, read on...
This is a Cyborg.  This is a Cyborg in Cyborg.  She has the cure to a world-wide plague.  Any questions?
Seconds after she joins up with Van Damme, the group from earlier show up and kick his ass.  Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.
He joins up with this random chick who wants to get the cure because...well, it's a good thing.  That's pretty much her whole motivation here.  Good for you, I guess.
Rolph Moeller has a cameo as one of the bad guy's henchmen.  His role- looking like a cavemen and chasing Van Damme in oddly-Edited shots.  Good for you too, I guess.
Random nudity- why not?  It's not like the plot is anything more than 'go there and get him.'
Leave it to Albert Pyun to work in some Judaic-Christian imagery, courtesy of the bad guys putting Van Damme on the cross.  I should also mention that he did this in The Sword and the Sorcerer a year later too.  At least you're consistent.
Recovering well from this, our heroes get ahead of the bad guy- despite the delay and him always being faster beforehand- to set up a trap.  Take him out, Commando-style!
In the movie's defense, that face is creepy as hell!  I won't go near that guy in lit Church in the daytime!
After Van Damme defeats the villains, the Cyborg goes inside, presumably sharing the information and stopping one of the world's biggest problems.  Of course, you still actually did jack shit here.  The End.
Why is this called Cyborg again?  The plot of this movie is alright, although certain decisions distract from it too much.  Van Damme's whole back-story is not that complicated, but Pyun chooses to slowly reveal it through random flashbacks and/or dreams.  Furthermore, it never makes all that much sense when you finally see it.  He retires to a farm- stay out of the barn!- but gets followed there by the villains.  Why?  Do they need a motivation?  They tie him and this lady up with barbed wire in a well and drops them a few feet.  This apparently kills her, but barely scratches him.  Say what?!?  Aside from that goofiness, the plot is simple enough to work- follow bad guy, get in fights and try to save the day.  It's not Hamlet, people.  The pacing is a bit off at times, a lot of which has to do with telling Van Damme's back-story.  The actual action is pretty good and I can't complain about much else.  It is interesting to see that jarring jump from the Cyborg character here to the ass-kicker in Cyborg 2 to the older, more demure one in Cyborg 3.  Take us away, silly flashback wig...
Next up, a cult classic slasher film notable for its twist ending.  I already covered the rest, so let's go back to where it all began!  Stay tuned...

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