Saturday, December 17, 2011

(I Guess I Have To) Buy the DVD!: Fast Five

Today I'm here to tell you about a trend that has been sweeping Netflix- the Rental Disc.  While it's not exactly new, it is getting a lot more common.  Take for example, the DVD Netflix carries of Fast Five...
Wow, that's a bunch of Special Features!  While I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the whole 'street racing turned heist film' series, I am at least a little curious about this.  Let's check one out...
Oh, really?!?  Are you kidding me?!?

To be fair, I understand that this trend is in retaliation to the amount of video piracy out there.  I get it.  However, this seems to be in more retaliation to the increase in video rentals and films On Demand.

We get it- you want to sell more DVDs!  Thanks for screwing us for wanting to, you know, watch a movie first!


  1. This is becoming more and more common by the week. Soon, you'll be lucky to be teased by the thoughts of extras on a rental disc. The ones without any extras screen at least don't taunt though.

  2. That's both sad and true, my friend.

    True story- my brother rented 'The Change-Up' the other day and it has the option to watch it Unrated...if you buy the DVD.

    Of course, as he accurately-asserted, the movie is chock full of enough nudity and sexual content in the Theatrical Version!