Friday, December 2, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf has an odd pacing for its kills.  A bunch at the beginning and pretty much nothing for the next forty-plus minutes.  This is the lead up to one whole cluster of them near the end...

A bunch of teen reporters keep confronting our hero about the deaths that took place at the Cabin in the beginning.  They're mostly annoying, but they have a role to play...
They go to the Cabin to get their own look at it.  Amazing how it's not a crime scene anymore.  They're not the Poor Bastards, however.  That honor belongs to their...girlfriends.  Yes, these AV Club guys all have hot ladies with them!  Reality!
They decide to show up on the next Full Moon, which means that the creature is there.  Time to die!
Infamously, one of the ladies gets her blouse ripped open and molested by the creature.  Nice implants, High School Student!  She is killed off-camera after this, by the way.
The final girl- not that one- is killed when she backs up against the door and gets her heart punched out.  More on that moment at a later date, by the way.
So what is the moral here?  Don't date nerds?  Personally, I'm offended by that idea!  Bad, bad movie.

Next up, a random minion learns just how dangerous that job can be.  Mind your soul, buddy!  Stay tuned...

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