Friday, December 30, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Fear of Clowns (Part 1)

Workers and employees don't usually get a good ending in horror movies.  Fear of Clowns is one of those cases...

After narrowly-avoiding death, our heroine is happy to go out on a date with her rich boyfriend.  He calls a friend and rents out a theater for them.  'No problem,' the friend thinks...
...Until a steroid-gobbling clown shows up and throws an axe into his back.  What about the other guy though?
He's wandering around and making sure that the place is secure.
Unfortunately, he picks the wrong time to take a piss break and gets bludgeoned to death by the killer clown.
So what was the point of their deaths?  Did these guys even have names?  Even if they did, I highly-doubt that they had last names!  C'est la vie, random characters.

Next up, another pair of people die for no good reason.  It doesn't pay to do your civic duty or to help a friend, apparently.  Stay tuned...

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