Saturday, March 10, 2018

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Family'

I'm a bit late starting the Season, but that kind of works out.  It helps me not seem like that guy is trying to 'SPOIL' a Show for you less than a Week after it aired.

I'm already the guy not watching on Starz (but am heavily promoting the Film online), so good.

Season 3 is here and I'm very excited.  How many ways will people/Deadites be dismembered this Year?  Let's see...
After seemingly-fixing everything last Season (in his own twisted way), Ash is living life anew as a Store Owner.
Evil won't stay buried, of course, and it finds a new way to come back!
It turns out that Ash has a Daughter and she's being targeted by the titular Evil Dead!
Can Ash prove himself once again as the Hero he needs to be save his family?
...or will a new, furrier Deadite prove to be too much to handle?

To find out, watch the Show!
A good return to a good Show.  Ash vs Evil Dead is a different kind of Horror TV Show.  Stuff like American Horror Story is designed to scare you, while stuff like Channel Zero is designed to creep you out.  This Show- it is designed to make you laugh and enjoy the over-the-top gore.  That is something that they continue to do well going into this new Season.  You get some nice chopping, shooting and explosions.  You also get some good prop comedy that the Series- post original Film- is known for.  Everyone gets a decent moment to shine and they set things up nicely for the remainder of the Season.  Can the Ghostbeaters deal with a new member?  What new evils will the Book unleash?  What is Ruby up to now?  Can they ever truly get rid of the Book?  These are questions that I hope to see answered in the upcoming Episodes and look forward to.  I'll leave you with visible proof that this Series truly knows its Audience...
Next time, the family reunion has to be short-lived.  Evil is back in town and there's killing to do!  See you then...

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