Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Creepy Rigatoni: Channel Zero, Butcher's Block- Episode 3

Another trip to a version of Detroit that is slightly-worse than the real one.  Since Robocop isn't around, let me see what monstrosity is loose this Week...
In the wake of the freakiest Dinner since Texas Chainsaw Massacre, our Heroine is shook up.  I mean, duh.
Meanwhile, our Cop buddy- aka Mouse- is looking into the Peach Family.  Can he trust his own Family?
Meanwhile, Alice's Sister is dealing with the aftermath of her 'treatment.  Rutger Hauer does make some good points though.
Since Michael Meyers isn't around, you'll have to settle for Robert Peach trying to kill you in a Hospital.  He's a lot more jaunty than Meyers too.
They say that it is always darkest before the Dawn.  Here's hoping that things don't get darker than this!

To find out what happens in more detail, watch the Show.
Well, it is *slightly* less gross than last Week.  That Episode featured the most graphic thing on Channel Zero so far, so a respite is nice to have.  That's not to say that freaky stuff doesn't happen in this one- it does.  This one is much more about psychological horror.  It has plenty of that!  It is still not entirely-clear what is going on with the Peach Family.  We still don't know the secret of their powers.  We only know that the Patriarch seems to want our two Heroines- but for what?  We know that they love to kill people and eat meat.  What do they want with us?  This Show continues to be freaky and daring- that's why I really like it.  I'm going to keep watching, even if I'm always going to be watching it like this the whole time...
Next time, they say that breaking on through to the other side is a good idea.  Let's find out!  See you then...

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