Friday, March 16, 2018

Nazi Sci-Fi-spolitation?: Outpost (2008)

The worst Tourism Video for Eastern Europe since Hostel.  Today's Film is Outpost, a 2008 Film that has lingered around in my Netflix Queue for a long, long time.  The main reason: the fact that it has 2 Sequels.  The existence of these says nothing about the quality of the Film- see Leprechaun-, but it did make me curious.  Oh and the Film has a pseudo-Sci-Fi Plot involving Nazis.  It also stars my favorite Punisher- Ray Stevenson from War Zone.  Fun Side Note: Ray was in that Film and then the Thor Series.  Also from a more edgy, non-canonical Marvel Film and in Thor- Idris Elba.  Good company, mate.  The Film is about a bunch of Mercenaries taking an assignment of getting a rich guy through a war zone to find something important.  That turns out to be a Bunker full of Sci-Fi stuff that may be the death of them all!  The whole thing is bleak and gray- thanks again for popularizing Color Correction, Cohen Brothers!-, but is it good?  To find out, soldier on...
Ray Stevenson is a Mercenary.  He's not happy, but he'll take any job he has to right now.
He puts together a small team to take a rich guy to where he wants to go.

Seriously, I hope you like muddy gray.  This Film is almost entirely that!
He takes them to a mysterious Bunker and they look around.  What kind of stuff could be in here?
Dead bodies, of course!  Lots of them!

On the plus side, it's still only the 3rd worst Air BNB Rental Story ever.
They discover the dark secret of this Bunker- Nazis.
The Employer is looking into the secrets of this Bunker, but someone is looking into him too.
As it turns out, the Nazis were experimenting with some sort of energy MacGuffin that ended up doing something weird- trapping them in some sort of limbo where they both exist and don't exist...or something.

Look- it is Magic Super-Nazis- just go with it.
Can our Heroes figure out the truth and find a way to save themselves?
Will the Nazis prove to be unbeatable?  Will they ever lose their flair for the dramatic?

To find out, watch the Film.
Damn dark, dreary and bloody.  Outpost is an odd little Film.  It's not really good.  The overall look (gray tint aside) and atmosphere is good.  The Plot takes some nice weird and unexpected turns- use of Nazis aside.  The Acting is fine and nobody does a bad job.  On the flip side, it's not really all that bad either.  The gray-tinting is very annoying after a while, to be fair.  The Plot is basically just a setup for seemingly-invincible bad guys who exist as Nazi versions of Mary Sues.  Leni Sues?  I'll get back to you on that.  Thanks to super-science, they can just kind of appear out of nowhere, seemingly can't be killed and have super-strength.  I know they *try* to explain this in an interesting way, but it is mostly just a cheat.  It makes me wonder if the 2 Sequels are just new Versions of 'Find Nazis, fight ineffectively against them and then Roll Credits.'  I guess I have to watch them and find out.  I can appreciate how serious they take this, but the overall silliness of Super Nazis makes me yearn for something more like Dead Snow 2.  Hell, there's a Film coming out where Nazi Zombies fight in Planes made out of killer Sharks coming out this Year!  The Film is...fine, but nothing special.  Speaking of which, here's a Film Company name that's...fine, but nothing special.
Next time, I celebrate a lovely Holiday with the return of a Series.  It's only been 3+ Years, so I might as well get festive with them.

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