Friday, March 30, 2018

Creepy Rigatoni: Channel Zero, Butcher's Block- Episode 5

Another late entry here, but hey, it's my site.  Time and Space and all that.

We now return to Butcher's Block, home of mutants, cannibalism and lovely bedside service...
Alice and her Sister are now trapped in the Peach's Magical Murder Land.  As you can see, things aren't great.
Seeing what is happening to Alice makes her Sister question things.  She starts to explore and finds a strange, red door guarded by a freaky spirit.  What's in there?!?
As things aren't exactly great in the real world- complete with decapitations and a murder-, Alice is initiated into the Family like her Sister was, choosing their ways to avoid insanity.
More Peaches are coming to check on the missing Brother.  Uh oh.
Can her Sister talk Alice out of this crazy place?  Is it a mixed-up world when the crazy sister is the sane one?

To find out how this all leads to the Finale, watch the Show.
Another bloody good time.  Butcher's Block is undoubtedly-weird.  It has weird-faced little people, cannibal W.A.S.P.s, Meat-Man and bugs being pulled out of people's mouths.  It doesn't hold anything back!  As I've mentioned before, each Series is only 6 Episodes long, which must be freeing.  Kill off a Character in Episode 3- that's fine.  Continue to raise the stakes for 5 Episodes- no problem.  No need to worry about long-term Character Arcs is nice too.  People can naturally evolve and you don't have to worry about what you'll do with said evolution in, oh, Season 2.  To that end, all sorts of big moments can seemingly-happen at a moment's notice.  No need to wait for Sweeps Week, after all.  Given how much Streaming there is, is that even still a thing?  In any event, the Show continues to be trippy, bloody and weird.  I'd say more, but I have the next game...
Next time, the finale.  Consider how bloody it is now, how bad will that be?!?  See you then...

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