Wednesday, March 21, 2018

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Booth Three'

Another week of me being way behind on this Show.  It still works best for you- the Internet- so take it for what it is.

What will happen to Ash and company this week?  Let's see...
Ruby has her baby...or something and it doesn't end well for two random people.  Can I do Poor Bastards of TV now?

On the plus side, it is still too cuter than the Twilight Baby.
We learn that Kelly started working with this new guy while Evil was dormant.  He thinks that something is up with Pablo.
He sees this person appear and tell him that he has to embrace his destiny and all that.

So yeah, no problems here.
The titular Evil targets Ash and 'his seed,' since a Prophecy states that his heir will be the death of them.

This all leads to a great Scene in a Sperm Bank that I wouldn't dare SPOIL.  Just watch the Show.
A sticky and fun Episode.  If you watched it, you know what I mean.  Gross.  Joking aside, this second Episode manages to avoid the issue that can often happen in 2nd Episodes of a Season- slowing things down too much.  The 1st Episode- no matter what Season or Show- is all about introducing big things and giving one big moment to get your attention.  The 2nd Episode is almost always a drag, now that things are settled in and Characters have to move the Plot forward.  This one avoids all that, managing to deftly do both things in a fun way.  We see Pablo, Kelly and the others, but still get our 'Ash fights a freaky Deadite' Scene.  Good work.  The 3rd Season is holding up well, so let's see where they go with it.  Now, if you'll excuse me, my friend is preparing Dinner...
Next time, the evil gets stronger and Ash...well, is still Ash.  What could possibly happen next?  See you then...

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