Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Quick Reviews: Transformers- The Last Knight (2017)

After the Oscar Season ends, it is important to look at the best and worst stuff.  Guess which one this is...
In the wake of the last 'Film,' Optimus Prime goes into Space to find his 'creators.'

This just leads to him ending up on a semi-destroyed Cybertron and getting 'mind'-controlled by the new Villain- Quintessa.
Oh and the Film begins with the reveal that Cybertron Knights joined forces with Arthur and Merlin.

I really don't want to speak of this again.
When the World is approaching apocalypse as Cybertron literally approaches.  Only an artifact from the Cybertron Knights can save the day & everyone wants it.

Dammit.  What did I just say?!?
A quirky Robot that has been on Earth for over 1,000 years brings Cade to his Boss- Anthony Hopkins.

Between this and Steve Buscemi's Voice Cameo, the deluge of people too good for this Film Series continues.  They are one Jeff Bridges away from a full Big Lebowski Reunion too!
As things get worse, the Government works with Megatron.  Yeah, that will end well.
As the Third Act approaches, evil Optimus Prime shows up.  Will he be lead to the death of our World or be its savior once again?

To find out, watch the Movie (if you really must)...
Holy space crap, Batman!  I don't have high hopes for any Film in this Series when I approach them after the first one.  I have rarely been proven wrong in any way.  The previous Film was an awkward mix of Sequel and Reboot.  This one also does that.  Remember how the Autobots first showed up in the original Film?  Well, after four Films, they were actually here WAY before then.  Decepticons fought Cavemen, Cybertron Knights fought with Arthur (damn you again, me!) and even Bumblebee fought the Nazis.  Yes, Nazis.  This one just continues to dump exposition that nobody cares about and that often contradicts things.  So now Shia is from a line of people that fought for good throughout History and were constantly joined by Autobots.  These people include a random grab bag of Historical Figures ranging from Tesla to Harriet Tubman to Albert Einstein.  This is documented in Photographs that one guy has, but somehow otherwise hidden from everyone else.  I also have to know what role that Autobots- before Automobiles existed- did to help Harriet Tubman.  Where is that Film?!?  I will also tell you that the Marketing of the Film and the final product are very different.  The Film was 'sold' (although Sales were the lowest ever) on the idea of evil Optimus Prime.  While he's part of the Film, he doesn't show up fully until TWO HOURS into the Film.  It features way too much filler, including the TRF Sub-Plot, the pointless Characters, the stupid Comedy and the focus on Cade flirting with our new Heroine.  We even get Suicide Squad-style Introductions for new Decepticons, at least half of which are killed in the next Scene!  This is a bloated, stupid mess that doesn't even end properly, setting up a 6th Film that will now likely not happen.  Oh and they waited until now to introduce Hot Rod...and gave him a stupid French accent.  Ugh.
Considering the caliber of Films that make up the Series, this still sucks.  It just keeps going and going and going...

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