Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Phenomena (Part 2)

Another poor victim in a Film full of them.  These one are especially worthy of note though.

While in Switzerland, our Heroine wants to call her Dad for help, you know, on account of all the murders.  He's unavailable, but someone will be there eventually.
So after being chased by the killer, facing all sorts of crazy stuff and escaping the killer- twice!-, she makes it to shore nearby.

Who's in that Car ahead?
It's Morris- her Dad's friend.  Finally, a happy ending after all of this...
Yeah, I saw that coming.
The bottom line: he went out of his way to try and help a young girl.  His reward- a comically-abrupt decapitation from Argento's ex-lover.

The moral: don't help Jennifer Connelly.  She knows what happens when you try.

Next time, some kills from Gang Wars/Devil's Express.  It is 1/3 random killing, so I'm good.

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