Saturday, May 16, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Orchid's Curse

As the Sun shines in your Town, let's visit the most popular one of the early 90s...
In this Episode, everything builds up to one, big night.  People are threatened, people are scared and people are followed...
Important Stuff
Damn- this is a big one.  Here we go...

- Cooper discovers Audrey's note (like 5 Episodes too late!) and knows where to find her.  All the while, her Dad is planning to let Jacques kill him at the pick-up AND take the money back.  With his knowledge, however, Cooper and Truman get her out of One-Eyed Jacks.
- In a less dramatic Sub-Plot, Big Ed's wife is back home...but still thinks that she is 18.  Creepy.

- Jacques, meanwhile, makes his own plans for the drop.  Before he plans to try and kill Audrey, he kills Blackie.  So much for that team-up!
- In another Sub-Plot, Lucy leaves to spend time with her Sister...or does she.  Andy is covering for her (why not?) and discovers the number for an Abortion Clinic!  Oh and he's 'a full town now.'
- Leland's Trial date and bail are set.  In the same Courtroom/Bar (really), Leo is deemed unfit to stand trial, so Bobby (ha!) and Shelly's plan to cash-in on the Insurance is a go.

- Finally, Donna and Madeleine plan to steal the Diary.  Unfortunately, they suck at robbing and its Owner ends the Episode by threatening to kill them!  Dun dun dun!
The big Theme here is Following.  It happens all the time in this one!

- Mr. Horne hires someone to follow Cooper to the drop.
- Madeleine follows Audrey to the guy's house for their plan.
- She, in turn, was followed by someone else (James?)
- Hawk follows The One-Armed Man's trail (off-camera).
- On top of that, Hawk later follows Cooper and Truman to the drop and saves them!
Wait- is someone following me now?!?
Weird Moment(s)
In the Opening, Squiggy (look it up, Millennials) shows up to test an amusingly-malfunctioning device to transport Leo to his bed.  Wacky!
However, that only takes second place!

The Top Spot goes to Big Ed's wife, who comes home thinking that she's 18 again.  She confuses her son for a classmate, sings a silly song AND rips off the Refrigerator Door!  Say whaaa?!?
Nice!  This one continues to build up little things (like Big Ed's crazy wife, the Trial and Leo's condition), while also giving us some pay-off.  Cooper finally sees the note, setting off a Rescue Mission.  Good.  Madeleine and Donna make a play for the Diary.  Good.  This one starts to give us some real, big moments to enjoy.  While I love the Episodes that are just build-up, I really love when you see where it all goes.  On top of that, this one continues to build up big and little things.  Will Mr. Horne make a deal with the creepy Japanese guy?  What will Renault do now?  Will Big Ed's wife ever get better?  I guess I'll just have to see next Week like people did back in 1991.  Oh and one other question- is the Psych homage to Twin Peaks better than Wayward Pines?
Next week, will the girls escape and what plan will Renault make now?  The mystery deepens!  See you then,,,

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