Saturday, May 2, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Man Behind Glass

As the morning sun rises on Saturday, let's take another look at...
This week, revelations, soap opera drama and more questions about who killed Laura Palmer...
Important Stuff
- All of the vague clues point to a mysterious long-haired man.  Thanks to Leland, they have a name- Bob Robertson.  He'd make a great Senator!

- The Teen Detectives alliance is unraveled as Laura's Cousin gets too close to the other's man (because he was avoiding him!).
- Big Ed's Wife wakes up from her coma...and thinks that she's in High School.  Weird.

- Young Ms. Horne is in the clutches of the bad folks at One-Eyed Jacks.  They shoot her up with heroin (and shoot her on Film).  They plan to ransom her...or not.
- Jacques' Brother is convinced that Cooper killed him and plans revenge.

- After dramatically-arriving at just the wrong moment, one Teen Detective goes back to a shut-in she talked to earlier and finds...
Dun dun dun!
The big theme here is Family.  Consider this...
- Jacques' Brother comes for revenge.  As a bonus, he brings the Sister of Jacks' Madam!
- The daughter of Jacks' secret Owner is being punished now for his deeds.
- Laura's Cousin falls for the same guy that she was dating when she died!
- Leo's wife Shelly won't testify about what he did at the Mill (for the insurance money).
- Leland gives info on Bob on behalf of his dead daughter.
Told you so.
Weird Moment(s)
Nothing quite as weird as Cooper's Space Message (and no follow-up on that yet!), but this guy (who we learn may have knocked up Lucy) was just plain weird.  You win.
Another weird, slow-build Episode.  They introduce some nice little things- like Lucy's sort-of-boyfriend- and some big things.  Obviously the two big things are the plans made over at One-Eyed Jacks and the whole love triangle between the Teen Detectives.  While it ends up bad for James, it does work out well for the mystery.  Why does the shut-in have Laura's diary?  What will it reveal?  How the hell does a one-armed guy shoot up drugs in the bathroom?  Right- different issues.  Seeing the One-Armed Man again is nice and I'm curious to see his connection to Killer Bob.  Like most Episodes, alot of little things are bubbling under the surface.  The Show does a great job of giving you lots of little things that eventually come to fruition.  You just have to keep watching for the pay-off.  Good stuff, guys.  As I continue to avoid as many SPOILERS as possible, please enjoy this lovely homage to the Show courtesy of Clueless...
Next week, the mystery deepens as answers and secrets are revealed.  That's just how this Show works.  See you then.

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  1. Don't know how I missed this before, but is this yet another show with Evil Bob? I'm going to have to sue for defamation eventually!