Monday, May 4, 2015

My Crazy Youth (At Heart): That Time Captain Hero Wooed Princess Clara With Car Accidents

I really like Drawn Together.  I won't apologize for it.  It was a crass, ridiculous and usually-stupid Show.

I still love it.

If you watched Comedy Central between 2004 and 2006, you saw at least one Ad for this Show.  They were really excited about it at first.  Later on, they pulled the old 'Let's keep changing the time-slot' game and it eventually ended after 3 Seasons.  I didn't love it at first, but it has totally grown on me.  The basic premise is that 8 Parody Cartoon Characters live in a Reality Show House together.  The Cast included Xandir (a Link Parody), Princess Clara (a Disney Princess Parody) and Captain Hero (a Superman Parody).  While I was not a kid when the Show ran, I maintain that my love of ridiculous crap as a Kid (see Thundarr) has led to me loving stuff like this as an Adult.  To highlight this Show, let me pick out one Story (all but one Episode feature 2 parallel Stories) from the Episode 'Spelling Applebee's' to cover.  One is a Rocky-style Parody with Foxy (a Josie and the Pussycats Parody) and Spelling Bees (which is funny), but the other features Captain Hero and Princess Clara hooking up over, well, you can read the Title.  To find out more of what this ridiculous Show is about, read on...
Hero tells the group that a Bully picks on him at the Store.  Clara takes him and finds out that his 'Bully' is, well...
After giving her a less than romantic note, she agrees to go on a Date with him.  He tries an unusual tactic to win her favor...
She is really upset with him until a Car explodes out on the Street and she seems...very excited.
All is well (cue Montage) until Princess Clara reveals that she only loves him for the crashes.  Ouch.
To spite her, Captain Hero starts stopping all car crashes he can to deny her any vehicular release.
She convinces him to give their 'love' another chance, but her demeanor is suspicious to me.
Sure enough, she is just using him again.  Well, Captain Hero is not dumb (this time, anyways)...
He causes the car(riage) with her friends in it to crash, killing them.  Bring it on, Disney!
While this may seem like a depraved Story, it does come with a very helpful moral.  The End.
What a strange Story!  The whole thing is just way over the top silly.  In other words, I love it.  Hero is crazy.  Clara is crazy.  Everyone is just kind of stuck in the middle.  It is dark, strange and completely bizarre.  Good.  By the way, this Plot may remind you of a Movie from the 1990s.  I'll get to that one soon enough.  In the meantime, enjoy this totally-romantic note courtesy of Captain Hero...
Say what you will, but I still love this weird-ass Show.  It's not for everyone, but...who cares?

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