Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top 12 Often Over-Looked Horror Movie Mothers

In lieu of a Review, I'm going to give some attention to some Mothers that don't get any due.  Naturally, I picked Fictional ones from Horror Films.  My goal was to cover ones that aren't as talked about online.

They deserve their due!

I mean, I could list all the ones you're expecting- Friday the 13th, Scream 2, Mama- but where's the fun in that?  Besides, Psycho is on like every freaking list and that...that is just silly.

Honorable Mention: Suspiria/Inferno/Mother of Tears- not actually Mothers (just Mother of ____, _____ and _____).  Still scary though.

12. Warlock 2- Armageddon/Xtro: A minor one, but an important one.  The titular Warlock has to show up to start the also-titular Armageddon.  How does he do it?  He infects a lady and is birthed by her right there in her living room!  As a bonus, this also happens in Xtro, only with an Alien/Human hybrid.

11. Anguish: While it is hard to tell what is happening in this overly-confusing-mind-trip Film, I do know one thing: Zelda Rubinstein is evil.  She drives her middle-aged son to kill people and take their eyes.  I should also note that her part is in the Film-within-the-Film.  That internal Film- Mother.

10. Beowulf (1999): What a Mother!  In this particular version of Beowulf, the final battle (as always) occurs between The Mother of All Monsters and our hero.  In this one, however, she is portrayed as half-Penthouse Model and half-giant spider/mutant thing.  It is ridiculous and not nearly as hot as 'Model on a Porn Star' Angelina Jolie...although also far less deep into the Uncanny Valley.

9. Mommy/Mommy's Day: She's a killer Momma.  Instead of talking about Serial Mom, let me talk about these ones.  She will kill anyone that she perceives as getting in the way of her kid's success.  This Bad Seed is one bad Momma!
8. Pulse 2: Another bad Mamma, but somehow sold as good.  In this Film, Ghosts have escaped from Internet (just go with it) and are making a mess of the world.  This lady is about to kill her young child rather than let it get infected by the plague.  She is killed instead, however, and proceeds to haunt the Dad and child to the very end.  When she kills him at the End, this is treated as 'justice.'  I'm not sure that I follow, movie...

7. The Baby: A double dose of weird!  A State Employee is tasked with checking in on a child in her Town.  What she discovers if a full-grown adult who acts like a baby!  Why?  Well, the Mom and Sister committed to this plan after the Husband/Dad left.  That's...messed up.  Our heroine eventually gets the 'kid' from their custody...since they get killed.  Now here's the twist: she wants to raise the man-baby with...her man-baby!  They don't say it explicitly, but the implication is that her Husband/Fiancee got a bad head injury and regressed to an infantile state.  What a...happy family?
6. Captain Kronos- Vampire Hunter: This blood-sucking Momma is just keeping the family in line.  In the Story, the titular hero comes to town to, well, guess.  He eventually discovers a strict, hierarchal Vampire family.  Momma Vampire and her son put up a good fight, proving that family is tough to combat.

5. Offspring (2009): While I don't like the Film, I can't deny how applicable it is.  A mostly-inbred, cannibal family off the coast of Maine makes their play to catch some new food.  They attack a house with a pair of Mothers and their kids.  Both sides fight hard against each other.  On the cannibal side, the Mother takes charge by the end (leading to the film The Mother).  On the good side, these ladies stand their ground, no matter what the cost.
4. Humanoids from the Deep (1980): Here's a change- a strong, heroic Mother.  While the Film is not even remotely Feminist (in light of Corman firing the lady Director for not shooting more Nudity and hiring a man to do it), it has one great moment.  While most of the Humanoids attack the Fair, one goes to attack the hero's house.  The Mother of his young child is at home and manages to fend off the creature in defense of her child, even killing it!

3. Inside: Not too forgotten, but definitely worthy of more notice.  Crazy lady with scissors attacks pregnant lady in home.  Why?  Well, the latter caused a car accident which made the former lose her unborn child.  You also get to see our heroine's Mother, so it is triply-applicable.

2. Phenomena: Another killer Momma.  In one of Dario Argento's less-appreciated Films, our heroine tracks down a killer of women in Switzerland.  It turns out to be some sort of misshapen child that belongs to Dario Nicolodi's Character.  She takes action on his behalf, protecting her son from justice because of the power of motherhood.  Let's just say that it doesn't end well.

1. Helldriver: We're going to Japan for the top pick.  In this crazy Film, a Husband and Wife killer team chase down their child when she flees the pair.  The Mother ends up getting struck by some space debris and emerges as a Zombie-creating Alien Hybrid.  This is Japan, you know.  She is so effective that Japan is literally separated into an infected side and a clean side.  Good for you, Mom.
On this Holiday, salute your Mothers and thank Xenu that they aren't like some of the ones here!

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. "Inside" over-looked??
    -Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central are constantly raving about it.
    -Whenever there's news about the new "Leatherface" flick, "Inside" gets mentioned.
    -It's on every goddamn best-of-00s list.
    -More than 25.000 votes on Imdb.

    1. I won't completely disagree with you.

      That said, it is talked by a small, albeit rabid niche. It is not a more mainstream one like 'Insidious.'

      The Editors at Dread and Bloody love it, but it is on barely anyones 'Horror Movie Mothers' Lists. Believe me, I checked.

  2. Oh btw, not surprised that no-one's talking about Pulse 2 - it's crap :P