Monday, May 11, 2015

Strange Killers: Bad Biology

One last crazy hurrah?  Today's Film is Bad Biology, a 2008 Horror Film (of sorts) by Frank Henenlotter.  If you don't know/remember him, he has a short, but vivid Resume.  He made the Basket Case Films, as well as Frankenhooker and Brain Damage.  At a certain point, his Filmography stops for quite a while.  It is revived in the late 2000s with this Film...but that's it so far.  They mention him having some Health Issues in the 'Making Of' Feature, so hopefully he's alright.  Anyhow, let's talk about his last Film (so far).  In this one, a lady with crazy, well, lady parts seeks out a man who can truly satisfy her.  There is always somebody for everybody, of course.  In this case, it is a man with an uncontrollable and mammoth member.  Can the two hook up and be happy?  Will alot of people die before then?  To find out (mostly), read on...
This is our heroine.  To keep this Review of a certain Rating, I'll just say that she has 7 of a certain piece of genitalia that people only have 1 of normally.  Got it?
Since her multitude of functioning organs (not vestigial), she acts like kind of a slut.  It is not her fault- she just needs it all the time.

It is her fault, however, that she keeps killing people during sex and photographing them.
This is our hero.  As he explains to camera (like she did earlier), he had a non-functional organ that he made functional by lots and lots of drugs.  At this point, his member is quite big, quite voracious and seems to have a mind of his own!
As luck would have it, he owns a large house that someone wants to use for a Shoot.  Guess who.
In spite of all the risky drugs he uses, our hero can't keep his thing in line.  She isn't helping matters.
Our heroine- who has killed a few lovers since then- looks around the guy's house and sees him make whoopie with a lady.  She's in love!
Unfortunately, she has bad timing.  The 'thing' she wants has separated and is on the loose, taking out a bunch of Porn Stars in a house (for no clear reason).  I won't SPOIL the prosthetic they use.
Oh and now you know how your member sees the world.  Don't you feel enlightened?
Will these two people find happiness?  I won't SPOIL that one either.  Besides, I can't exactly explain it all that well anyhow.  The End.
Just one big, crazy Film!  It didn't fully work for me, but I can see how it would appeal to certain people.  The Film is chock full of dirty words, dirty deeds and dirty effects.  You'll see stuff in this one that you probably didn't expect.  Let's just say that I can relate to Bob's experience with One-Eyed Monster now.  The subject matter and crassness of the whole thing will certain make it not work for most of you.  I was certainly unsure of what I'd think of it.  That and the fact that it is Henenlotter's last Film (again- so far) made me put off watching it.  Now that I have seen it, I can say that is a sometimes-fun, sometimes-funny and often-ridiculous Film.  It is the first Film I've seen with a Rap Song played during the Credits talking about how hard it was to make the Film.  It is also interesting to see 2 actual Pornstars (thanks, Google!) listed as Pornstar #1 and 2.  I should note that the Film is clearly quite low Budget.  As a bonus, it features low-budget Action Director James Glickenhaus in an Acting Role!  This is a flawed Film that will only work for a small niche, but will probably be loved by said niche alot as the years go by.  What other Film has this Credit?
Next up, I uncover a Superhero Film that most of you probably don't even know about.  Before it was ruined in 2006, see how it nearly made it to TV 20 years earlier!  Stay tuned...

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