Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick Reviews: Frankenstein vs The Mummy (2014)

This recent bit of Direct-to-DVD Horror hasn't made its way overseas yet.  That gives me the rare opportunity to see something new and trashy before Maynard does.  Will the Director of All Hallows Eve follow it up with something better?  Let's find out...
Our two leads are Professor F(rankenstein).  He's teaching at a small College (barely shown) and working on his private experiment off-site.
This lady here is an Egyptologist and she's just back from...well, guess.  She's dating the Professor, but that's not the big news.
The big news is that they brought back a (very blue) Mummy.  He's an obscure one, so they can just make shit up.
After a bloody incident, Professor F finishes his creation, but it is a bit angry.  On the plus side, it is smarter than 'Fire- bad!'
Likewise, the Mummy comes to life again and makes the lead Doctor his Servant.  Demoted!

As it turns out, the Mummy was cursed by a lady in death and you'll never guess who she resembles!
I won't SPOIL too many of the Plot Twists, but I will tell you that the two do eventually do battle.  Who wins?  Who loses?  Who cleans up the mess?  To find out, watch the Film.
Some good moments here, but not enough.  The Story has some parts, I will say that.  It was refreshing to see some minor tweaks to the Frankenstein story.  The Mummy tale was pretty routine here, but they didn't mess anything up.  The whole conceit here- that Frankenstein and the Mummy end up at the same place and against each other- is handled pretty well.  The Story isn't amazing or mind-blowing- it is just alright.  The best part here is the amount of detail and make-up work behind the two creatures.  While it isn't my favorite Adam/Frankenstein design, they did a good job with it.  I really liked the design behind the Mummy here though.  The titular face-off is set-up differently than usual, which I liked.  The actual face-off is...alright.  That's the Word of the Day, I guess.  After All Hallows Eve, I was curious to see what the Director could do.  This one isn't a failure, but it isn't much a success either.  It is a base hit, I guess.  What is even less successful, however, is their use of Photoshop for a key moment...
Not a great Film, but it shows some promise.  I'll give the Director another shot, but my hopes aren't high. 

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