Sunday, May 24, 2015

Screener Flix: Horsehead

This one is...just kind of odd for the sake of being odd.  Today's Film is Horsehead, a Film about...wait- do I need to explain this?  Is there an explanation that would do?  I'll try.  This is about a young lady having weird dreams.  That's about it.  This is probably one of those rare cases where my Review will be shorter than Maynard's.  Let's find out, shall we...
A woman is having all sorts of crazy dreams that are color-tinted, bizarre and feature a Horsehead-like person.  Kudos to Auto Correct for accepting the word 'Horsehead.'
She is going to visit her Family for the first time in 3 years.  They don't get along- at all.  Joy.

She continues to have her dreams and they are getting worse.  By the way, sleeping in the bath- smart choice!
She seeks help for navigating her dreams and finding out the truth, while her Mother scoffs.

Oh hai, Not Charles Dance!
The dreams and weird shit continues.  The problem for me: this ominous guy and his digitally-altered voice sounds way too much like the bad guy from The Final Sacrifice.  Sorry.
Will her dreams lead her to the truth...or to death.  To find out, see the Film when it opens.  The End.
Weird and...that's about it.  To be honest with you, I really couldn't get into this one.  I didn't really connect with the situation, the Characters or the whole thing.  I'm not necessarily saying that it is bad.  It just did nothing for me.  To be fair, some of the Visuals are neat.  The idea of the Horsehead creature and his design is good.  I just...well, this one did nothing for me.  It is neat-looking at times, but fell flat for me.  Your experience may be different.  This is by a Company called Artsploitation, get what you expect.  On the plus side, Bob will like that a Wolf is shown as a heroic Spirit (or something) in this Film...
Next up, some Holiday fun.  Just when you thought I was done with Starship Troopers, I found more!  Stay tuned...

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